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Looking for 3CX alternatives after the hack? Switch to Jaxcom

In light of the recent security breach affecting 3CX’s VoIP services, businesses worldwide are looking for 3CX alternatives to protect their sensitive data and communication systems. The breach, which involved a supply chain attack, compromised both Windows and macOS users of the desktop client, leading to information theft and compromising sensitive user data. This incident has highlighted the importance of choosing a secure and reliable VoIP service provider. Jaxcom, a leading VoIP service provider, offers a secure and dependable alternative to 3CX, along with comprehensive technical support and unmatched customer service.

3CX’s Mishandling of Security Breach

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3CX’s response and handling of the recent security breach have been perceived by many customers as inadequate, resulting in frustration, disappointment, and concerns about the company’s commitment to customer service. Businesses relying on 3CX’s VoIP services expect prompt and transparent communication, proactive security measures, and efficient customer support during such incidents. However, the shortcomings in these areas have left many customers dissatisfied and seeking 3CX alternatives who prioritize their needs and provide reliable and secure communication solutions.

Why Switching to 3CX Alternatives like Jaxcom is Beneficial

Switching to Jaxcom’s VoIP services offers businesses unparalleled customer support, security, flexibility, and more.

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A Tailored VoIP Solution

Jaxcom understands the unique needs and budget constraints of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the US. Unlike 3CX, which primarily caters to larger enterprises, Jaxcom offers flexible and scalable VoIP solutions that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of SMBs.


Jaxcom doesn’t lock you into contracts for our core service. We have a 97% client retention rate without contracts. Our customers stick with us because our expert knowledge and experience in setting up the right call flows make their lives easier and their businesses better. This makes Jaxcom one of the better 3CX alternatives compared to contract-based providers.

Security with Jaxcom’s VoIP Solution

Jaxcom’s VoIP solution is designed with security in mind and is not subject to the types of exploits seen in the recent 3CX breach. Jaxcom eliminates the need for software installation by offering a WebRTC-based solution and reduces the risk of supply chain attacks and other malware-related issues. The WebRTC-based phone system operates within a browser, providing a secure communication platform that prevents hackers from accessing sensitive data.

Solutions like 3CX are a constant target for hackers due to their scale compared to local providers like Jaxcom.

With Jaxcom, businesses can have peace of mind knowing their communication systems are protected from similar security breaches.

Flexibility & Scalability

Jaxcom’s VoIP services are flexible and scalable, allowing SMBs to customize their communication systems based on their specific needs and growth plans. As SMBs evolve and expand, Jaxcom can accommodate their changing requirements, ensuring the communication system grows with the business.

Comprehensive Technical Support & Customer Service with Jaxcom

Jaxcom prides itself on delivering unparalleled customer service. As a smaller company, Jaxcom is able to provide personalized attention to each customer, offering prompt and reliable support whenever needed. This level of personalized service sets Jaxcom apart from larger corporations like 3CX, where customers may experience delays or impersonal interactions.

This high level of support ensures that businesses can resolve phone system issues quickly and maintain efficient & secure communication systems without long interruptions. Jaxcom’s customer-centric approach makes us a reliable partner for small to medium-sized businesses in the US.

Switch to a VoIP Provider That Cares

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Don’t leave your business vulnerable to 3CX’s bad customer service & security breaches without transparency. If you are looking for 3CX alternatives, make the switch to Jaxcom’s VoIP services today and experience the difference that a secure, reliable, and customer-centric provider can make for your organization. With Jaxcom, businesses can protect their sensitive data and maintain efficient communication systems, backed by comprehensive technical support and unmatched customer service. Contact Jaxcom now to discuss the unique communication needs for your business phone system and get a quote. We’ll be delighted to be of service. Call 1-888-998-0013 today!