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We provide services tailored to help make your business operations and communication more efficient and secure with technology.

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One Jaxcom. For All Your Needs.

Managed Services

Say goodbye to your IT headaches. We provide consulting, network services, equipment leasing & more.

Phone System

Elevate your business communication with Jaxcom VoIP. Enjoy unlimited NA calling, easy callbacks, shared phone book & more.

Digital Marketing

We help businesses of all sizes achieve their sales goals through SEO, PPC ads, web design, and more.

Why Businesses Choose Jaxcom

We believe that our commitment to excellence, technical expertise, and a customer-focused collaborative approach make us the ideal choice for your IT needs.

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Simplified Managed IT & Communication Solutions

We bring tailored solutions that address your specific needs — that is what makes us your perfect IT partner.

With You, Every Step of the Way


Expert guidance tailored to your needs.


Strategizing for long-term success.


Structured setup and configuration.


We’ve got your back, 24/7, every step of the way.

Our Managed IT Services & Solutions

Smarter, simpler & secure tech help for your business. Everything under one roof.

Infrastructure Monitoring

24 x7 monitoring, alerts, and maintenance of business-critical systems whether in the cloud or in the office.

Business Continuity

Managed Internet, data backup, and high availability services to ensure minimal to no downtime for business systems.


Real-time protection at the network level against common security threats such as malware and botnets.

Phone System

Communication is crucial to a business. We help you get up and running with a business phone system.

Equipment Leasing

Our leasing services cater to providing you with access to top-quality equipment without the burden of upfront costs.

Marketing Solutions

We develop customized marketing solutions that resonate with your target audience. From website development to PPC management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re new to the concept of MSPs or seeking to deepen your understanding, this FAQ guide will provide answers to common questions, helping you grasp the essential aspects of MSPs.

An MSP is a company that offers a range of IT services to other businesses. These services can include network management, cybersecurity, data backup, cloud computing, and more.

We help businesses improve their IT infrastructure, reduce downtime, enhance cybersecurity, and often save money compared to hiring an in-house IT team. We allow you to focus on your core business while our experts manage your IT needs.

Services can vary, but common offerings include network monitoring, software updates, hardware maintenance, cybersecurity services, data backup and recovery, and helpdesk support.

No, MSPs serve businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs and budget of each client.

MSPs typically charge a monthly or annual fee based on the scope and scale of services provided.

We use a combination of security tools, best practices, and compliance standards to protect client data.

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