Our Comprehensive Technology Services & Solutions

Jaxcom Managed offers a comprehensive vertical of technology services and solutions, bringing you a world of possibilities under one roof. 

One stop solution for all IT management services

Infrastructure Monitoring

24 x7 monitoring, alerts, and maintenance of business-critical systems whether in the cloud or in the office.

Business Continuity

Managed Internet, data backup, and high availability services to ensure minimal to no downtime for business systems.


Real-time protection at the network level against common security threats such as malware and botnets.

Asset Management

We manage the lifecycles of all your equipment, provide reports, and appropriate software licenses.

Vendor Management

We manage the relationship between your organization and 3rd party application vendors.

Change Management

System changes are carefully examined and controlled. Backups of configuration are retained by Jaxcom.

Phone System

Communication is crucial to a business. We help you get up and running with a business phone system.

Equipment Leasing

Our leasing services cater to providing you with access to top-quality equipment without the burden of upfront costs.

Marketing Solutions

We develop customized marketing solutions that resonate with your target audience. From website development to PPC management.

Server Management

Uninterrupted performance with 24/7 monitoring and expert maintenance, keeping your critical infrastructure in peak condition.

Proxmox Management

Providing efficient resource allocation, security, and ongoing support for seamless virtual server operation.

Bash Scripting

Customized scripts for simplifying operations, handling system administration chores, and manipulating data and files efficiently.

Rack Management

Customized scripts for simplifying operations, handling system administration chores, and manipulating data and files efficiently.

Datacenter Dispatches

Promptly address any hardware or connectivity issues, offering high availability to meet your critical business needs.

Why Businesses Choose Jaxcom

We believe that our commitment to excellence, technical expertise, and a customer-focused collaborative approach make us the ideal choice for your IT needs.

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