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Empowering Rebecca Black Law with VoIP & Tech | Case Study


Rebecca Black Immigration, a prominent law firm specializing in immigration cases, found themselves grappling with a multitude of technology-related challenges that negatively impacted their overall productivity and efficiency. These issues ranged from file synchronization and cloud storage difficulties to outdated hardware and software, making it difficult for the firm to keep up with their competitors and provide the best services for their clients.

In order to address these challenges and streamline their operations, Rebecca Black Immigration decided to partner with Jaxcom, a leading VoIP and managed technology solutions provider with a proven track record of delivering customized and effective solutions. Jaxcom’s comprehensive approach, combined with their expertise in serving various industries, including immigration firms, hospitality businesses, car dealerships, and small businesses, made them the ideal partner for Rebecca Black Immigration. Together, they embarked on a journey to transform the law firm’s technology infrastructure, improve their digital marketing efforts, and ultimately empower the firm to achieve its full potential.


Rebecca Black Immigration encountered several obstacles, including:

  1. File synchronization and cloud storage issues.
  2. Inefficient phone system configuration.
  3. Inconsistent printing and misconfiguration.
  4. Outdated hardware and software stack.
  5. No solution for remote and overseas workers.
  6. Ineffective ad campaigns.


The law firm sought Jaxcom’s expertise to:

  1. Manage computer and printing systems.
  2. Implement and manage cloud storage.
  3. Strengthen cybersecurity and intrusion prevention.
  4. Control access to sensitive information and premises.
  5. Fix VoIP communication issues.
  6. Optimize social media advertising.
  7. Provide virtual computer access for remote workers.
  8. Offer on-demand and ongoing support services.


Jaxcom conducted an initial assessment of the client’s needs and provided a quotation for the recommended solutions. They implemented the following technology solutions:

  1. Migrated to a Jaxcom-hosted cloud file management system, including regular maintenance and backup.
  2. Installed a business-oriented phone system using Jaxcom’s flagship law firm VoIP offering.
  3. Implemented Microsoft Office 365, including Exchange and Office product licensing management.
  4. Deployed PrinterCloud for organization-wide print device management.
  5. Utilized social media marketing automation through Jaxcom Digital.
  6. Customized virtual desktop environments for remote workers.
  7. Installed digital signage solutions for walk-in consultation and waiting areas.


Jaxcom executed a meticulous implementation process to ensure seamless integration of the technology solutions into Rebecca Black Immigration’s operations. The implementation process involved several stages:

  • Planning and Assessment: Jaxcom first conducted a thorough assessment of the law firm’s existing technology infrastructure and identified areas that required improvements. They also gathered feedback from the staff to better understand their needs and preferences.
  • Solution Design: Based on the assessment results, Jaxcom designed customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Rebecca Black Immigration. They presented a proposal outlining the recommended technology solutions and the associated costs.
  • Staff Training and Orientation: Before implementing the new technology solutions, Jaxcom conducted staff training and orientation sessions to familiarize the law firm’s employees with the new systems and tools. This helped minimize resistance to change and ensured a smoother transition.
  • Staged Rollout: To prevent potential disruptions to the law firm’s operations and avoid technology shock, Jaxcom implemented the new solutions in a staged manner. They prioritized the most critical improvements and gradually introduced the remaining solutions.
  • Testing and Feedback: After each stage of the implementation, Jaxcom tested the new systems and tools to ensure they were functioning optimally. They gathered feedback from the staff to make any necessary adjustments and fine-tune the solutions.
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Once the implementation was complete, Jaxcom provided ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of the technology solutions. They also worked closely with the law firm to address any emerging challenges and adapt the solutions as needed.


The collaboration with Jaxcom yielded impressive results for Rebecca Black Immigration:

  1. A 70% increase in revenue after implementing marketing automation tools.
  2. Enhanced productivity and efficiency through modernized technology solutions.
  3. Streamlined processes for remote and overseas workers.
  4. Improved cybersecurity and access control measures.

Client Feedback

James and his team are knowledgeable, efficient and great to work with. They have made much needed technological improvements to our business.

Rebecca C. Black, Owner


Jaxcom’s comprehensive technology solutions transformed Rebecca Black Immigration’s operations, addressing their challenges and driving significant revenue growth. With Jaxcom’s expertise, the law firm now enjoys streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and robust cybersecurity measures.