Women using a VoIP phone in a hotel room

VoIP Phone System for Hotels: 20 Benefits

If you’re a hotel manager or owner looking to improve your property’s communication and efficiency, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hospitality phone system may be the solution you’ve been looking for. VoIP systems use the internet to make and receive calls, rather than traditional phone lines and offer a wide range of benefits to hotels. Here are 20 reasons why a VoIP system might be right for your property:

Cost savings

VoIP systems often have lower upfront and ongoing costs compared to traditional phone systems.


VoIP systems can allow you to make and receive calls from devices with an internet connection such as a laptop. You aren’t restricted to having to use desk phones for every instance.


VoIP systems are easy to scale up or down as needed, making them a good option for hotels that may experience fluctuations in business.

Improved customer service

VoIP systems can help hotels improve customer service by providing features such as call routing and call queuing, which can help ensure that calls are answered promptly and efficiently.

Housekeeping and maintenance

VoIP systems can help hotel staff stay connected while on the go, making it easier to coordinate tasks and respond to guest requests.

Conference and event space

VoIP systems often come with advanced features such as conference calling, which can be useful for hotels that host conferences and events.

Guest room phones

A VoIP system can provide guests with the ability to make and receive calls from their guest room phone, as well as access to advanced features such as voicemail and call forwarding.

Disaster recovery

VoIP systems can provide a reliable backup communication solution in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster.

Ability to manage multiple hotel locations

With a VoIP system, it’s easy to manage communication for multiple hotel locations from one central system.

Easy setup and maintenance

VoIP systems are generally easy to set up and maintain.

Customizable call routing and voicemail greetings

VoIP systems often allow you to customize call routing and voicemail greetings to suit your hotel’s specific needs.

Call analytics and reporting

VoIP systems can provide call analytics and reporting to help you track phone usage and performance.

Virtual extensions for remote workers

VoIP systems can allow you to set up virtual extensions for remote workers, making it easy for them to stay connected and reachable.

Call transfer

VoIP systems allow you to transfer calls between hotel staff and departments, improving communication and coordination.

Call queues

VoIP systems can be set up with call queues to handle high call volume, ensuring that calls are answered promptly and efficiently.


With a VoIP system, you can set up voicemail-to-email, which allows you to easily access voicemails from any device.

Customizable hold music and messaging

VoIP systems often allow you to customize hold music and messaging to suit your hotel’s branding and customer service goals.

Call recording

Many VoIP systems offer the option to record calls for training and quality assurance purposes.

Call groups

VoIP systems can be set up with call groups, making it easy to reach multiple people at once.

Enhanced efficiency and productivity

Overall, a VoIP phone system can help hotels improve efficiency and productivity, enhance customer service, and save money on phone-related expenses.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a VoIP phone system for hotels. From cost savings and advanced features to improved customer service, a VoIP system can help hotels streamline their operations and enhance the guest experience.

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