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The Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Numbers for Businesses

A virtual phone number, also known as Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or access number, is a type of telephone number that is not connected to a physical phone line or SIM card. Instead, it is connected through the internet, using VoIP technology. This allows calls to be redirected from a central number to any other destination, such as a landline or mobile phone. When a customer dials a business’s virtual number, the call is automatically forwarded according to a pre-set logic, to the appropriate personal or office number. This system allows for seamless call forwarding and improved communication for businesses.


One of the primary advantages of virtual phone numbers is their cost-effectiveness. These numbers eliminate the need for extensive hardware set-up and related infrastructure, which can be costly. Businesses pay an inexpensive subscription fee to a provider for all these numbers.

Virtual phone numbers can be used to set up multiple lines or extensions for a business, without the need for additional physical phones.

Improved Customer Service

Virtual phone numbers can also improve customer service by providing more efficient call routing. By routing calls to specific departments or individuals, such as sales or customer service, businesses can ensure that calls are answered by the most appropriate person and that customers’ needs are met more efficiently.

Continuity of Communication

Virtual phone numbers have a distinct advantage over personal phone numbers when it comes to maintaining continuity of communication within a business. When an employee leaves a business, they may take their personal phone number with them. With virtual phone numbers, businesses have the ability to re-route calls to a new employee or department, ensuring that communication is not interrupted and that customers are not left without a way to reach the business.


Virtual phone numbers also offer flexibility in terms of routing options. Calls can be routed to different locations or devices based on conditions such as the time of day or the caller’s location. This allows businesses to ensure that calls are always answered by the right person, regardless of where they are located. Additionally, virtual phone numbers can be easily rerouted in the event of an emergency or natural disaster, ensuring that calls can still be answered even in the event of an outage.

International Call Forwarding

Another cost-effective feature of virtual phone numbers is their ability to support international call forwarding. This allows businesses to have a local presence in multiple countries, without the need for expensive international phone lines. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that frequently receive calls from international clients or customers.

Virtual phone numbers are a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses looking to improve their communication systems. They allow businesses to have a local presence in multiple locations, route calls to the right person, support international call forwarding, improve call routing efficiency, and maintain continuity of communication even when employees leave the business. These features can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately leading to a better customer service experience.