Callback Genie Helps Reduce Call Abandonment Easily

No one likes waiting. Long hold times can turn your customers away. Hold times go up when businesses get more calls than their call agents can handle, especially during their peak hours. Abandoned calls mean lost business.

But fear not, this is where our  Callback Genie feature comes into play.

What is Callback Genie?

Our Callback Genie is an intelligent feature where you can choose to offer a callback immediately when a call agent becomes available. A far better approach instead of keeping your customers waiting for long on the dreaded hold.

Unlike most traditional callback systems, clients who are called back receive priority over all other callers.

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A callback genie also saves you money and hassle that would come from hiring and scheduling extra call agents just for potential peak times.

How does Callback Genie reduce call abandonment?

It’s a queue where your callers don’t have to wait on the call for a conversation. They will receive a call when there’s a call agent to immediately attend it. No losing business because they were tired of being on hold and that was the only way.

By offering an alternative you respect your customer’s time. They will appreciate this and would be willing to talk later.

Up to 63% of customers prefer callbacks over long hold times.

It helps offer a better customer experience.

Keeping your customers happy is important for any business. Callback genie is also a quality of life feature that can still facilitate a pleasant experience which helps your business convert more customers and keep them coming back.

Callback Genie can even be configured to suit your business.

Unlike other callback systems, ours is customizable. Since every business can have its own needs we offer ways to make the most out of Callback Genie for yours.

  • Depending on your typical client personality, we can program the system to accept the phone number they are dialing on, or allow them the option to enter any phone number.
  • You can display a specific caller-ID for the callback.
  • Callback genie can also be set to any time rules.
  • You can supply a custom instructions message.

Additional benefits

  • It respects your clients’ valuable time.
  • It can give a more professional appearance to your prospects and clients.
  • It can transform the way you do business!

Callback Genie in action – A case study

A few months ago, a client of ours had trouble keeping up with all of their calls. Like most medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the available staff is limited. Their reservation numbers were going down.

This is not good for business. Especially a business like theirs that relies on reservations to generate revenue.

try our callback genie

As a way to find a solution, they asked for many different ways to track calls. Every week they asked for call records because they weren’t sure if calls were being answered in a timely fashion and if they were losing out on new business. So we implemented a Callback Genie.

Right after that, they are able to keep up with more calls. And with more calls, they are able to bring in more business than they could before. Your business can now do so too with our Callback Genie feature.

Doing more with Callback Genie reporting

Callback Genie also has reporting. It can show you the details such as the date and time a callback was initiated, the name of the caller, whether or not the callback was successful, pending, or canceled.

Getting started

It’s powerful, yet quite simple. It’s a feature you and your call agents will pick up in no time. When you upgrade to Jaxcom, we configure it to your liking without any extra charges.

You also get all the other features that come with our plan including Callback Genie. Connect with us today to schedule a meeting or book a demo.

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