Callback Genie

Callback Genie is a great VoIP feature for businesses that want to ensure that their customers are not left on hold for long periods of time. With this feature, callers can simply request a call back at a specific time, and the agent will call them back as soon as they become available.

Benefits of Callback Genie

Callback Genie helps to improve customer satisfaction. When callers are placed on hold for long periods of time, they can become frustrated and may even hang up. With Callback Genie, callers are given the option to request a callback at a time that is convenient for them, reducing call abandonment.

Callback Genie saves you time and money. When callers are placed on hold, they are effectively tying up an agent’s time, which can be costly for the business. With Callback Genie, agents are only tied up when they are actually speaking with a caller, which can save the business money in the long run.

Callback Genie helps you manage call volume. By allowing callers to schedule a callback, you can stagger the number of active calls, which can help to reduce the load of answering all calls coming in at once.

Callback Genie is a valuable VoIP feature for any business that wants to improve customer satisfaction and save time and money. Businesses can ensure that their customers are not left on hold for long periods of time and that their call volume is managed effectively.

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