Fanvil i33V/ i33VF

Are you in the security industry? or are you concerned about the security of your home, office, etc? Then get The Fanvil I33V/ i33VF. It combines with access control, security, audio/video intercom, and broadcasting functionalities for smooth/safe/clear communication. Don’t worry about the Clements causing it harm. The Fanvil I33V/ was built to last!

It comes in two configurations, flush-mount( As seen on Fanvil i33VF), and standard mount(as seen on Fanvil i33V).

Convenient rental or lease options available to qualified businesses. Contact us today to explore all of your options.

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Fanvil i33V features a Built-in HD camera with infrared night vision. The HD camera with infrared night vision allows you to easily identify visitors even at night.

It also supports two video streams in which the main code stream works for high-quality video on monitoring and the subcode stream for smooth SIP video calls.

It affords users all-in-one (Access control, Intercom, and Broadcasting), HD voice speech quality with built-in 3W speaker, and Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC).


  • Features: All Jaxcom features supported.
  • Keys: 15 keys(with backlight), including 12 number keys
  • Function keys: 3 (Detail/Password Mode/Backspace)
  • Sensor: 1/2.7” color CMOS
  • Housing material: aluminum alloy shell
  • Access control: by call, code, RFID/IC card, and indoor switch
  • Indoor switch: 2
  • Protection level: IP65 and IK10
  • Tamper alarm switch: 1
  • Door magnetic detection: 2

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