Fanvil X7A

Finally, an elegant desk phone with smart phone features that won’t break the budget.  Fanvil’s X7A is a high-end enterprise IP phone running the Andriod 9.0 operating system with support for an external camera attachment.

In addition to a 7-inch capacitive touch screen, the phone features up to 112 digital (DSS) keys, support for 20 SIP accounts, high-definition audio with Opus support, built-in Bluetooth, call recording ability, WiFi connectivity and more.

We recommend this phone for individuals who are always on the phone or in one video conference or the order. The built-in WiFi allows you to keep your workstation free from cables and the Bluetooth headset allows for multi-tasking,

Convenient rental or lease options available to qualified businesses. Contact us today to explore all of your options.

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The Fanvil X7A features a large 7″ touch-screen display for easy reading and easy access to Jaxcom’s most common features. With its advanced ergonomic design, the X7A is sure to please any professional seeking performance, value.

Since the Fanvil X7A runs on Android 9.0, it features a broad range of compatibility with input devices like keyboards and mice. Similar to a standard smartphone, the Fanvil X7A can connect to your email service, browse the web, watch videos, video conference, and more.

Fanvil X7A supports the 3-way video conference with HD full-screen image even in a dark environment. With simply a clip and a USB cable, the Fanvil CM60 camera attachment can be installed flexibly on the phone or on top of a PC monitor.



  • Features: All Jaxcom features supported.
  • Keys: 12 Physical (60 Digital)
  • Display: 7″ Color Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • WiFi: Yes, integrated
  • Video Support: Yes, 2-way
  • Phone Book: Local and Cloud
  • OS: Andriod 9.0
  • Screensaver: Yes
  • HD Audio: Yes
  • Headset Support: Wired and Wireless
  • Multicast Paging: Yes
  • USB: Yes (for input devices)
  • Ethernet Ports: 2 x 10/100/1000

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