Partnership Program

Jaxcom proudly partners with leading hardware manufacturers and managed solutions providers to offer next-level products and services. We are committed to using our position to help our customers and partners grow exponentially through custom-tailored communications and security solutions.

Affiliate Program

The Jaxcom Affiliate Program is a great way to earn money using your website, blog or similar platform.

Grow Together. Win Together.

As a Jaxcom Partner, you can gain exposure to additional sales & revenue. To ensure quality to our customers, our vetting process helps offer the right products and partnerships.

Offering quality options to our customers and leveraged opportunities for our partners is how we collectively win.

Our Partners

Fanvil is a leading provider of VoIP enabled A&V IoT devices, designed and produced for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Fanvil’s security focused VoIP devices provide value, scalability, and style suitable for any type of business. Fanvil is the standard for professional desktop communications devices for all of Jaxcom’s deployments.

As an industry recognized provider of on-premise solutions designed for the hospitality industry, Yeastar modernizes mission-critical communication systems for customers and provides new levels of performance and competitiveness. Yeastar’s solutions have been interop tested and qualified to work with the Jaxcom service.

Grandstream has been connecting the world since 2002. Grandstream’s wide-range of products help to connect businesses around the world while allowing them to accomplish more than ever before.

SAP Ariba creates direct, intelligent connections between your business and your suppliers and targeted solution providers, redefining how you communicate, collaborate, and get work done. Ariba Network is the world’s largest B2B network, connecting millions of companies in 190 countries around the globe.

Benefits for Partners

Here are some benefits that can come with being a Jaxcom Partner.

Added Revenue

Gain additional sources of revenue.

It's a proven fact that properly leveraged partnerships help to accelerate new revenue as well as retain existing clients by offering fresh products and services.


Collaborative marketing strategies.

We'll combine our branding resources to generate a trustworthy co-marketing campaign designed to increase overall exposure.


Resource & insights sharing.

Both technology and affiliate partners can enjoy a wide array of resources, tools, and access to our team of experts to ensure each project to completion.

Partnership Programs

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