Network Advantage

Expert management of your most critical infrastructure.

Identify Network Requirements

Not all networks are created the same. Determine the next steps in expanding the potential of your business to operate efficiently, and with the least amount of disruptions. Identify how Network Advantage by Jaxcom can help your business.

Monitoring & Alerts

Real-time monitoring of internet gateways and hosted applications. Backed by a multi-phase verification system, status alerts are sent directly to approved recipients.

Uptime+Plus subscribers receive an additional protection.

Software Defined Ethernet

Leverage the power of of multi-homed connectivity with automatic traffic analysis and prioritization. Jaxcom’s Software Defined Ethernet is designed to supply the most up-time as economically as possible.

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Active Response Network

A nationwide network of remote and local engineers are ready to proactively respond when your business needs it the most. At your service, on the ground or on the phone.

Consulting & Integration

Lay the groundwork for your network, unify your infrastructure and prepare your business to adopt the latest cloud and local premise technologies.

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