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One Simple Solution to Transform Your Hotel's Communication

If you've been attempting to make great strides in the hospitality sector, you know that customer interaction is crucial for the success of your hotel. With that said, what if we told you that the phone systems you currently use for communication are outdated and not worthwhile?

Your response would likely be, “do you have a better alternative?” We do. Your closest companion in the hotel industry will be our cloud-based phone system.

Every procedure depends on the effectiveness of your phone systems, from prompt staff alerts to customers dialing in to make a booking. Cloud phone systems now provide a better communication alternative because of the advancement of digital voice services.

With our solution, you can solve your hospitality communications demands. We offer the price, functionality, and dependability you need to produce the best customer experience!

Not Just a Dial Tone

Our VoIP system has a significant cost, convenience, and performance benefit because it runs over the internet. We retrofit existing hotels, so you don’t have to replace much of your building wiring. This way, when you sign up for service, we install a VoIP gateway, connect it to the existing wiring, and convert your analog setup to a VoIP solution in just a few days.

There are no annual maintenance fees, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Another advantage of using our VoIP phone system is no awkward silence between held calls. Instead, you have recorded music, advertisements, or other messages playing, which entertains customers, keeping them on the line until your concerned department managers pick up the call. It’s not just a simple dial tone solution - it’s a personalized and unique one!

Automated Wake Up Calls

Convenience features for hotels are essential to provide a comfortable experience. Wake-up calls are no exception to this rule. Our automated wake-up call service lets guests press a button or dial a predetermined number to access it. In addition, you may request a console version of the wake-up call service. With this version, you can schedule wake-up calls on behalf of guests with a simple button press.

Concierge Menu

You might have capable & dedicated front desk staff who answers calls and provides information. Still, hospitality venues can get very busy, and you don’t want to keep your guests waiting to request certain services. Depending on your location’s requirements, a concierge menu is when your guests dial 0 for the Operator.

With this menu, your guests can request a wake-up call, contact housekeeping or maintenance, hear the restaurant menu, check voicemail, contact the front desk, request WiFi support, and more. The concierge menu drastically reduces the amount of phone juggling required of your front desk staff while streamlining the handling of guest room calls.

Dedicated Console Phone

Fanvil VoIP phone

Multi-line call handling is easier than ever. Manage multiple incoming calls, review call history, access voicemail, and more. Our dedicated console phones provide a large, easy-to-read screen with quick access to essential features. The large LCD screen displays accurate caller ID information for incoming calls or the room number contacting the front desk. In addition, the feature buttons are easy to locate and clearly state the function you need when you need it.

Virtual Attendant & Call Routing

Jaxcom’s virtual attendant feature can manage multiple simultaneous phone calls. This helpful feature can present incoming callers with a menu allowing them to select an option based on your location’s offerings. 

The virtual attendant can also deliver the calls to a queue where your staff can answer them on a first-come-first-serve basis. In addition, many of our hospitality clients take advantage of custom call routing. This is especially useful when the calls need to route to an external reservations service, the owner’s cell phone, or different call routing rules based on the time of day and any other combination of options.

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We know you want your hotel’s communications tool to be streamlined, easy to manage, and user-friendly. Get access to expert support before, during, and after installation so that the solution is configured precisely to the property's needs. With our solution, your hotel will not need to worry about ongoing maintenance costs, software upgrades, or replacing devices as they age. We handle all of the legwork for you.

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