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Instagram & Facebook down globally – Feeds not working and users can’t log in.

Millions of people can’t use Instagram or Facebook. It’s like the lights went out in the world of social media. People can’t see their friends’ posts, share their own stories, or even log in.

This big problem affects users everywhere, not just in one place. Some think it’s a technical issue, while others worry about something more serious like a cyberattack.

The outage leaves many feeling frustrated and confused. Businesses who rely on these platforms to reach their customers are stuck.

While some people are upset, others see the outage as a chance to take a break from social media. They realize they spend too much time online and appreciate the opportunity to disconnect for a while.

People are wondering when things will go back to normal. In the meantime, other platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit have seen increased traffic. And a bunch of memes have popped up around the event.

For now, all we can do is wait and hope that these popular platforms get back up and running soon. But the outage serves as a reminder that relying too much on one way of connecting can leave us vulnerable. Maybe it’s time we consider diversifying our online presence.